A very short piece for our friends in Wales, Cymru

Happy St David’s Day to all Welsh people.

Wales is an English word. It translates as the ‘land of the foreigners’. As the new countrymen of the land we now know as England moved westwards the Welsh found their past constricted and they were also misnamed! They were the natives, not the foreigners and they resisted the name of Welsh or Wales for a long time. As late as the 12th Century they knew themselves as the Brythoniaid – The British! British is a very old name much older then Scotland or England but was given by outsiders. Those ‘outsiders’ would have been the residents of what is now North western France.

Cymru is the Welsh word for Wales and it comes from Combrogi, which means ‘fellow countrymen’. What a beautiful word! The Welsh language is a Celtic language, P Celtic to be precise and other speakers of the P are Cornish, Breton and Gaulish. Scots, Irish and Manx Gaelic is known as Q Celtic.

Slainte, fellow countrymen!

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