Perthshire Whisky.

Saturday 11th May 2019. We spent a lovely day visiting two of Scotland’s famous whisky distilleries, Dalwhinnie and Edradour. Travelling from Edinburgh in to Perthshire our first stop is one of our favourite villages in the region – Dunkeld. A most historic village, an ancient and tranquil place where the beautiful river Tay flows, with a fascinating 13th century cathedral. This has been a sacred site for a while, the ancient Picts worshipped here too. The Cathedral has a great museum where you can see a couple of ancient Pictish stones (over 1000 years old). There are displays of the history in Dunkeld with a emphasis on religious tales and the Jacobite story of the area. After a wander through the town which has the best local shops and cafes it’s time to move on, not before a coffee is purchased! Dalwhinnie Distillery is our first stop. Scotland’s highest distillery and a favourite across the world, they offer a fantastic distillery tour. We also enjoyed their whisky and chocolate pairings. Chocs supplied by Iain Burnett the Highland Chocolatier. A short journey brings us to the Victorian Spa town of Pitlochry for lunch and there is no shortage of good quality pubs on offer here. Second distillery is Edradour, a personal favourite of ours. It is a lovely wee distillery, they offer a friendly, informative tour and on this tour you really get a good idea of whisky making in Scotland – it does manage to hold on to tradition maybe because it is a small distillery and locally owned. Just under two hours sees us back in central Edinburgh and my guests from Finland have had a lovely day discovering Perthshire whisky country.




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