Ancestry Tours

On an ancestry tour of Scotland you can discover the lands of your forefathers visiting Castles, villages, towns, churches and little known places that mean something to you and are most often, an oasis of tranquillity.

DSC01141-smOne of the most satisfying experiences for me when touring around Scotland is taking people to places which are significant to them and their families. Showing people around their ancestral homelands, my homeland is a real pleasure. These tours have taken me from the Orkney Islands to Ayrshire in southwest Scotland and from the Western Isles to the east coast.

I can research family history records at Scotland’s People, Register House in Edinburgh. They have old Parish records going back to the 1500s and census records going back to 1841.

Statutory registration began in 1855.

IMG_1473-smPlease email me with any enquiry regarding your family ancestry in Scotland, I am happy to correspond with you to find the best way forward. Some of my ancestry tours have been as little as one day, visiting sites around Edinburgh and the lowlands but the majority are extended Scottish tours and include other sights

I have conducted tours for people with or connections to the following names:
Bruce, Buchanan, Carmichael, Cameron, Campbell, Forbes, Fraser, Gordon, Home, Houston, MacDonald, MacKenzie, Machlachan, MacLean, MacLeod, Macrae, MacNeil, MacThomas, Rennie (This tour also took me to Northern Ireland), Robertson, Ross, Sinclair, Stewart and Watson.

One of my current clients, Adelaide Simpson (nee MacQueen), has a legitimate claim to being an ancestor of Flora MacDonald. Flora helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Scotland after the 1745 Jacobite uprising. Flora then emigrated to North Carolina…

Dear James, What a trip! I am so sad to be home now and can’t stop thinking about Scotland, especially the Isle of Skye. Jim, Hunter & Tate say Hi and hope you have recovered after we ran you ragged all over the Highlands! After doing my research on my family history is was amazing to be in Scotland and to see the places of my ancestors. It was a moving experience to visit Flora MacDonald’s grave and she is resting in the most beautiful place…
James & Adelaide Simpson and family (MacDonald ancestry tour)

A private genealogical, clan or ancestral tour of Scotland is a very rewarding experience and I take great pleasure in finding and exploring the lands of your forefathers with you.
Flexible durations from a day tour to multi day tours.


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