Whisky & Food Adventures in Scotland

Whisky, or to give it its Gaelic name, Uisge Beatha meaning the water of life, has been made in Scotland since the 15th Century.

1107523-smMy tailor-made whisky tours of Scotland offer a fascinating insight in to the history of whisky making in Scotland right up to the success of whisky making today. We tour the finest whisky distilleries and I can recommend the best types of tours on offer at each distillery.

I can book special tastings and tours at many distilleries.

I have toured most of Scotland’s whisky distilleries and each of them offers their own charm and character. One thing I like about visiting whisky distilleries is meeting the people who work there – always humorous, always welcoming, it is just a very Scottish thing to do. The locations of distilleries are special too, sometimes tucked away in a glen or in beautiful countryside or on the coast.

Speyside is home to the Malt Whisky Trail and is an idyllic area where mountains and rolling hills are interwoven with glistening rivers and streams. Whisky Distilleries dot the landscape in this part of the country and they are a joy to visit. This area is home to some of the big names in whisky such as Macallan, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet to name a few.

Moray-20130412-00397-smIslay is a ‘whisky island’ with eight distilleries calling this place their home. The island has been settled since the 3rd century and attracts a rich and varied birdlife but it is still probably best known for its whisky. At least a quarter of the island’s surface is covered in Peat and this is used as fuel to bring a smoky flavour in the whisky making process. There is a wild and natural beauty about Islay and to visit this island is a memorable experience.

If you only have a day there are many wonderful distilleries easily accessible from Edinburgh, Glasgow or St Andrews. A day tour to a whisky distillery also includes other sights such as a castle, village, palace and fine Scottish countryside.

I can combine whisky and food tours of Scotland. These tours include the areas of the Islands, Argyll, Perthshire, Speyside and Fife. These tours are specifically designed to include the finest seasonal food and products on offer.

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