All our tours are designed with local flavours in mind. We are passionate about Green Tourism and we support local businesses in off the beaten track places.

Our tours of Scotland and across our destinations are designed to get you off the beaten track for a more local flavour. We do visit popular sites too, but we include them early or late in the day when the crowds have dispersed a little, so we do our bit to help protect our irreplaceable Scottish heritage.

We love local history, hidden gems and those interesting places that get overlooked. We aim to appeal to your spirit of adventure by unlocking beauty in the most amazing places. As a tour company with over 15 years of experience we know how to design and deliver a once in a lifetime tour full of boutique experiences.

We love great food and drink and our tours are built around these experiences too. A great trip is made up of many things and we cover everything from the best accommodation to suit your budget, the best local food and drink, the best cultural and historic sights and the scenic beauty which is prevalent across all our destinations.

Our Responsible Visitor Charter:

James Campbell Tours conducts all its touring in the most environmentally friendly way. We visit some of the most unique places in the world and you have an important role to play in helping to preserve these places for future generations.

Here is how you can help minimise your impact.

Help us look after the physical environment, landscape and nature by not littering. We dispose of litter at local recycling centres.

When visiting ancient monuments, the natural environment and historic buildings please only use designated paths and public right of ways.

We will provide you with material carrier bags for the duration of your trip, reducing the need for you to use plastic carrier bags when shopping.

We are supporters of shop local. We encourage you to buy local and authentic, which helps support local business and communities.

We support the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and its three key principles: Respect the Interests of Others. Care for the Environment. Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions.

Our Local Flavours tours are designed to support restaurants and accommodation providers who use locally sourced produce, products and services. 

Our Green Tourism Values:  

Local Flavours benefits local economies which may not get as much tourist spend as other, over saturated tourist hot spots.

Our mini-vans are new, fuel-efficient and the perfect size for getting onto the smaller back roads and can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. We are able to reach the smallest out-of-the-way villages and small local craft businesses.

Our mini-vans are equipped with AdBlue technology. AdBlue is a non toxic diesel exhaust fluid, made up of high purity urea and deionized water used to treat exhausts on diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions.

We are sympathetic to over tourism and we visit off the beaten path gems rather than filling your itinerary with only crowded famous tourist hot spots.

We can design fully accessible tours. We can accommodate wheelchairs (both manual and electric). We have a list of accommodation and attractions which are wheelchair friendly and can design a tour around this.

We promote accommodation which has been accredited with Green Tourism Awards.

We are proud of the way we conduct our tours, we have made many friends in local places and we can't wait to take you to those places we love, which you will cherish forever.