We Hope You Have Enjoyed Looking Over Our Website. All Photography And Film On The Site Is Taken By Us, Our Guides And Our Guests. You Will See There Is A Lot Of Sunshine! Well, Who Wants To Take Photos In The Rain!

What type of vehicle will we be travelling in?

We have two types of Vehicles.

Volkswagen Transporter. This vehicle is luxurious, spacious and comfortable. It sits slightly higher on the road and has big viewing windows. It is fully air conditioned and comes with in car WiFi. It can seat up to eight passengers and has a big luggage compartment. This vehicle is perfect for your small group and regularly goes out with 2 – 8 passengers.

Mercedes V Class. This vehicle is also luxurious, spacious and comfortable. It has large viewing windows, is fully air conditioned and comes with in car WiFi. This vehicle can seat up to 7 passengers and has a good size luggage compartment. This vehicle is perfect for your small group and regularly goes out with 2 – 6 passengers.

What is included in the tour price?

The tour cost covers our vehicle and the driver – guide. The tour cost also includes all vehicle and driver – guide costs such as fuel, insurance, guide entry fees, guide accommodation and meals. If your tour involves   ferry crossings, we will include this in the price too.

How long is a touring day?

Each day is normally around 9 hours. We are happy to arrange each day as the tour progresses - we are flexible and happy to accommodate. You may wish to finish early one day but we can always take you out in the evening to that special restaurant or pub. We don’t want you to miss out on anything!

Does the guide escort us into historic and tourist sites?

Where possible our guides will escort you into tourist sites to give you a personal tour (in some cases this may be an introduction to the site, but we do add that personal touch where we can.)

Can James Campbell Tours book our accommodation and other excursions?

Yes! We have a huge database of the best accommodation and unique touring experiences, and we will work with you to put everything into place.

Do you offer walking tours?

We offer walking tours of Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews. We also offer easy to moderate hiking all over Scotland. There is some easy level hiking included on our small group tours. We recommend local guides too. Gareth Davies is a Walking Guide in Edinburgh Edinburgh Expert Walking Tours - Specialist in small group and private Edinburgh tours since 2014 

Where do tours start / Finish?

Our multi day tours start and finish from anywhere in Scotland. We can also start or finish a tour anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Our single day tours start and finish in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across central Scotland.

Can children travel on your tours?

Yes! We welcome children of all ages, and we have child seats for you too.

Do you welcome solo travellers?

Yes! We can design a private tour of Scotland or across any of our destinations just for you. Or you can join one of our special small group tours.

I am booking a tour to visit my ancestral sites. Are you happy to go to places you may not have visited?

Yes! Yes! We love doing this for an ancestral (or any) tour. Please, let us know, and we will plan and take you there.

What is the weather like?

The air is lovely and fresh over these parts and there is no humidity. We have lovely sunny days in all four seasons with only the summer months of late June, July and August seeing temperatures reach 80+degrees F, however this is only on the odd day or two where it can then drop back to the 60s/70s. The average British & Irish summertime temperature is 18 – 24 oC; 64 – 77 oF.

Rain – It can rain at any time of the year and the official line is, we have a wet winter, but we love our winters, and those crisp days are perfect for walking and photography. One thing to note about our rain is that it is almost always moving through. This could literally mean within 10 minutes, morning/afternoon or a rainy day on Wednesday followed by a sunny day on Thursday.

Snow – It can snow in Scotland, England and Wales anytime from November to March and we can even get a flurry as late as April or May! Some of the higher roads in the highlands can be closed due to snow for a day or so but snow ploughs do an excellent job of keeping routes clear for travel. Travelling Scotland, the Lake district and North Wales in the winter can be a spectacular experience with snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear days.

We are islands in the north Atlantic and wind comes in from all corners. The North and East winds are cooler and can make the temperature feel colder at any time of the year

As we approach the summer equinox (around June 21st) It will be light from 3.45am – 10.00pm with the sun setting closer to midnight in Northern Scotland. The winter season, from November to February has daylight hours between 7.45am – 4.30pm (3.45pm in Northern Scotland). The shortest daylight days are around December 21st.

Spring – A beautiful time of year over here with buds in the trees and new-born lambs in lovely green fields. It will be sunny; we will get showers and we might even get the odd snow shower through May. It can be cold but also nice and warm in April and May; June is warming up nicely! 

Summer – A beautiful time of year over here with everything in bloom and very green countryside. It will be sunny; it will rain. It won’t be cold (but can be on the summits and on the odd day when the wind comes from the north). Late June, July, August and early September can be hot.

Autumn – A stunning time of year over here with the autumn colours of gold, yellow and orange in full glow. It will be sunny; It will rain. It is getting cooler by October with possible snow showers.

Winter – A beautiful and stunning time of year over here with snow- capped mountains and clear days. It will be sunny; it will rain; it will snow, and we can get a lot of the white stuff – great pictures!

What clothing should we bring?

As well as all your favourite items you will also need:

Spring – You kind of need a bit of everything for early to mid-spring (Not full winter gear though). We advise clothing which you can layer is best. Fleece style tops or a warm sweater. Water / shower proof jacket. Comfortable waterproof walking style shoes.

Summer – It is still advisable to bring something warm and yes, do bring that shower / waterproof jacket! Comfortable waterproof walking shoes. Hat to protect from the sun. Sunscreen.

Autumn – Very similar to the spring season in terms of clothing.

Winter – Warm clothing including scarf, hat and gloves. Fleeces of a mid to heavy grade but we still recommend layering up. Water / shower proof jacket. Comfortable waterproof walking style shoes.

All restaurants are smart casual or smart except for a couple of five-star hotels where a jacket and tie may be required.

What is the currency?

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales use the Great British Pound (GBP). Ireland is on the Euro. There are lots of money exchange places including banks and post office.